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If you need a landscaper in Boston or if your landscape is located in Metro Boston, you owe it to yourself to call the landscapers at TDL Landscaping, Inc.


We have providing fine landscape services to Boston and the surrounding area since 1999.


The landscapes of Eastern Massachusetts have a lot of potential; along the North Shore and South Shore it's warmer than Western Massachusetts, but it gets cold enough in the autumn to provide spectacular backdrops of fall color throughout the landscape.


Boston, MA Landscaping all started with the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States. Originally, the Boston Common was used to graze sheep; later, it was landscaped to become the signature park it is today.


The landscapes of Boston, MA underwent a great change after the premier American Landscape Architect, Frederick Law Olmstead, moved to Boston in 1883. Popularly considered to be the Father of Landscape Architecture in America (although some scholars disagree), Olmstead transformed unclaimed land in Boston into magnificient and natural landscapes which grace the city of Boston 'til this day.


Boston's Landscapes owe their design to the best landscape architect to ever call Massachusetts his home.


We believe in Olmstead's theories of natural landscape design, whereby the landscaping conforms to the site conditions as much as possible, and landscape plantings are grouped according to natural landscape design theory.


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