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Through early intervention, many tree problems can be mitigated or corrected before they occur. Storm damage to trees occurs when high winds or ice overload a structurally-deficient tree.


In many cases, hurricanes and freezing rain expose pre-existing defects and hazards in the urban tree community.


Just as with any other living thing, the early years of development set the stage for the life of the organism. When you train a dog, for example, you have to train it young. The same applies to tree care. The earlier you start, the greater the tree's chances of long-term survival.


We provide Boston tree care services and specialize in structural pruning of trees in the Boston area.


If you need structural pruning of trees in Boston, give us a call today!

What is the Municipal Pilot Program?

Our pilot program focuses on pruning trees within a year or two of planting. This is the optimal time for intervention. At this stage of the tree's development, lifelong benefits can be acheived.




1. All pruning is done from the ground. This saves a lot of money, since you don't need to hire a company with a bucket truck and the entire tree is within the reach of the arborist. Also the tree limbs are tiny, so disposal costs are greatly diminished.


2. The tree has a chance to adapt to the changes and has the energy reserves to cope with the change. The chances of successful correction are increased.


3. The lifelong maintenance costs can be greatly diminished while increasing the overall life expectancy.


If this sounds like something you're interested in, give us a call and we can schedule a meeting.

When your trees are this size, that's when we can really help you. Municipal clients can save a tremendous amount of resources by having us prune the trees after planting. As mentioned above, it is much cheaper to have us prune the trees from the ground, than to hire an outside contractor to come in with a bucket truck and climbers. If you are interested in taking proactive action, give us a call today!